Support: Arvin Goods

I’ve known Harry Fricker, the designer and photographer behind Arvin Goods, for a few years now. He was one of the founding members of the Huckberry Ambassador Program, and shortly after we brought him onto the team, he launched a company that was hellbent on creating the cleanest basics on the planet.

The average pair of socks requires more than 50 gallons of water to produce (and that’s before you even consider how much water is used to clean them at home).

Arvin Goods uses 100% recycled materials and reclaimed cotton, giving material waste a new home in your sock drawer, and eliminating the water process involved with producing new cotton. But they’re not content to stop there. Rather than use new nylon in things like the waistband of their underwear, Arvin Goods collects and recycles old fishing nets and carpets, (waste that would otherwise end up at the bottom of the ocean or in a landfill) and spins them into Econyl — a regenerated nylon that’s exactly the same as virgin nylon.

“Sustainability isn’t a fad or gimmick for Arvin. It’s the only way we work. We’ve started small: socks and underwear. But we’ve got big plans to develop the most sustainable and complete line of apparel and accessories ever made.”

Arvin Goods is the only place I’ll buy my basics anymore. It’s an easy way to lessen your environmental impact and help support a rad company changing things for the better at the same time. Take a look at some of their collection below.

Thomas McDermott