The Packing List: Lisbon

lisbon packing list.jpg


Lisbon, Portugal

This was pretty much the only tee I wore the whole time I was in Lisbon. It’s super lightweight and breathable, plus the hemp held up to the wear and tear of hauling my backpack around.

These shorts rule. An elastic waistband, built-in cinch belt, and zippered back pocket. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A hand-loomed lightweight beach towel that dries quickly and is just as absorbent as a regular bath towel.

I usually wear my New Balance 996’s but picked up a pair of the Marbled 574’s right before I left.

Modeled after the 1940s-60’s standard issue British Army watches. For historical accuracy, MWC kept the encircled “T”, heavy 316L stainless steel case, and canvas straps that were used during this era. I swapped out the canvas one for a camo NATO strap from Crown & Buckle.

Another great leather organizer from Bellroy. Six to eight cards and has a dedicated sleeve for your passport.

Thomas McDermott