RZA: Live from The 36th Chamber

I worked the door at a sold out show at the Castro Theatre last night, standing out in the cold and putting wristbands on 1400 ticket holders just so I could watch the RZA Live-Scoring of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. It was worth it. 

The Shaw Brothers classic is stripped of the original score (including some sound effects that were tied to the music) and the Wu-Tang legend pulls together an entirely new soundtrack behind it. In the opening scene, we see Liu Yude shadowboxing while torrents of water pour down from above, only this time, Triumph booms through the speakers in perfect rhythm with action on screen. Later on, when Yude and his classmate flee the city to avoid being killed, Ghostface Killah's Run provides the backdrop. The movie is dubbed terribly, leading to some funny discrepancies in the subtitles — and RZA adds to the humor by cutting the music with impeccable comedic timing. If you get the chance, don't miss this one. 

Thomas McDermott