The Rundown: Whitney

Interview: Tommy McDermott | Portrait: Bryson Malone

Interview: Tommy McDermott | Portrait: Bryson Malone

Netflix Recommendation: (Max): Hush, my #1 horror movie right now. 

(Julien): Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights. I'm a sucker for teen drama. Everyone's falling in love for the first time...high octane stuff.

Splurge Wine: (Max): Joseph Swan pinot noir. 

Author That Influenced You Most: (Max): I've been on a huge Murakami kick over the past few months. 

Top 3 Places On Your Bucket List: (Julien): Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City, and Cape Town. We're hitting two out of three in 2017. Beyond psyched.

Favorite New Podcast: (Julien): The Trailblazers' Rip City Report. Great for zoning out in the van. 

This interview originally appeared on Huckberry. 

Thomas McDermott